samedi 19 février 2011

OPERATION LIBYA - Opération Libye

L'accès à Internet a été coupé dans la nuit de vendredi à samedi en Libye où le régime tente d'empêcher les manifestants anti-gouvernementaux de s'organiser et de communiquer entre eux, selon Arbor Networks, société spécialisée dans la surveillance du trafic Internet, basée aux États-Unis. Voir Techniques de contournement censure du Net ici 
Plusieurs fournisseurs d'accès à Internet étrangers, dont le français FDN, ont mis en place des numéros d'accès pour l'Internet à bas débit, qui permettent de contourner ce type de blocage tant que les lignes fixes fonctionnent.
Libya seems to be a cloudy subject full of uncertainty. So here's a thread to discuss and gather information. I know many anons have been calling for an Operation Libya in the hopes that the protests there could escalate to the revolution status Tunisia's did, but we don't have enough information to see if that's possible... yet. If we want an Operation Libya, step 1 is to GATHER INFORMATION. Here's what anon has so far:
Essentially: the people are sick of their governments shit. They saw what happened in Tunisia, and some people seem to be encouraged. Libya has responded by completely blocking YouTube which is why there's been such a slow out-pour of information. No mainstream media outlet has really covered what's going on in Libya right now. Videos are hard to find, and the ones found are disappearing off YouTube, fast. I'm not gonna summerize the point again, just read the shit our watch the Leakspinner video. I've been mirroring videos from protests in Libya and I will post them along with download links here. I encourage you all to download and mirror. Lets spread this shit and make sure it doesn't disappear off the interwebs.

A lot of videos are being posted at , but those are the originals. They can be taken down. Lets make a stronger archive of Libyan protest videos HERE:
notes are notes: BBC: Libya profile: 
Audio/Video summarizing the protests:
Links: See Operation Egypt
- Wikileaks cables from Libya:
- Wikileaks cables tagged Libya:

With the Libya governmental opposition website,, now back online, I have some more information. First of all, the website was taken down by Gadaffie as part of his attempts at internet censorship. and who knows what else is still down. I'm going to get as much information as possible from this site while I can, and I encourage you all to do the same. There's a good chance they could go down again. Here's the big stuff I've found (use Google Chrome and have it translate the sites for you. It's rough but you can get the general ideas of the articles)

Also check out their facebook page for more news

Fellow Libyans - Camarades Libyens

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